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Welcome to my first backgrounds page. As you can already see, I love greens and plaids. My backgrounds aren't categorized, so look around and find one that you like. To save the background, put your cursor over the background of your choice and right-click and "save as" on your computer.

Brown Noise Dragonfly Dragonfly 3 Dragonfly Noise Plaid 7 Plaid 1 Plaid 2 Plaid 3 Plaid 4 Plaid 5 Plaid 6 Swirl Mosaic 1 Tulips Noise Umbrellas Bg2 Bg3 Bg4 Blue Kaleidescope Plaid Blue Kaleidescope Plaid 1 Blue Kaleidescope Plaid 2 Blue-Green Plaid Blue-Green Plaid 1 Blues Plaid Fall Plaid Fawn Plaid Green Diamond Plaid Pastel Plaid Patriotic Plaid Patriotic Plaid 1 Tearose plaid Tearose Diamond Plaid Almond Mauve Blue Pipes Clouds Kente Cloth Green Tile Green Tile 3